◆ All kinds of aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper alloy die casting.

◆ Die-casting products: Automobile, motorcycle parts, motor vehicle cylinder (body) car wheel, engine motor box side cover and accessories, electrical home appliances and a gas stove, machinery parts, cascade, hardware, handicrafts, lock, all kinds of architectural decoration and bathroom accessories, electronic and computer, 3C product components and other copper, aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloy die casting and other non-ferrous alloy die casting;


◆ Car die casting: Transfer assembly, wheel room, transmissions, gearbox, clutch shell, round pipe, sleeve, the pump body, oil pump shell, the shunt, gear box shell components, gear compartment cover, the lid, the transmission shell, brake grain and pulleys room, radiator, the oil pan and head, cylinder, the intake manifold, cover, suspension control arm, gravity, steering knuckle, inlet took over, the supercharger intake pipe, compressor out the trachea and generator stents, aluminum stents, generator air conditioner compressor supports, gear cover etc.

◆ Die casting machine,Peripheral equipment,Die casting die,Furnace,Die casting machine parts,Raw/Auxiliary materials,Accessories supplies,Die casting software,Low pressure die casting,After processing and surface treatment,Detection & Environmental protection instrument and equipment,Mechanical processing equipment,Industry service。


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