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Exhibition name:

 The 17th China (Shanghai) International Die-casting Expo




 Shanghai New International Expo Centre


 East China Casting Association
 Shanghai Automobile Industry Association Automobile Casting Branch
 Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society
 Shanghai Huaye Exhibition Co., Ltd


Overview of Expo 
     Founded in 2005,“China (Shanghai) International Die Casting Exhibition” has been held Sixteen times successfully, with Exhibits will include die-casting, die casting moulds, die casting materials, die casting equipment and die casting accessories, etc, and has become one of the most professional and authoritative brand exhibition with high specification at a high level through development. It responds to the call of national policy, advocates enterprises to go on the way of innovative, efficient and green die-casting  and promotes science and health of industry and harmonious development with nature and society actively.   
    The 17th China (Shanghai) International Die Casting Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre during  30 Nov-2 Dec 2021grandly. It will invite domestic and overseas die-casting manufacturers and giants of materials and equipment to exhibit new products, new techniques and new equipment in accordance with the requirements of “internationalization, professionalization and high level”, thus helping industry leaders to know the latest trend of global die-casting  industry chain in an all-round way and building a one-stop procurement platform of products, materials and equipment for visitors!


Review about the last exhibition
    The 16th China (Shanghai) International Die Casting Exhibition was held in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre during Dec 3-5 2020 successfully. It lasted for 3 days, gathered 376 exhibitors coming from 20 countries and regions and attracted 18762 domestic and overseas professional visitors and 11 overseas professional procurement groups. During the exhibition, “Seminar of Transformation and Upgrading of Small and Medium Foundry Enterprises in the Normal State of New Economy” was held successfully.

    APart of Exhibiting Enterprises of Last Expo: A large number of enterprises like ALD Vacuum Furnaces, Reis Robotics, Yizumi in China,AnyCasting,ZHEJIANG WANFENG,Inductotherm Group China,Ningbo Zitai Precision,SHENYANG NEU-SANKEN INDUSTRIAL,KunShan YiYangChao,Ningbo XingYuan,Nanjing Jincheng,Shenzhen Amei Uni-diecasting,Wuxi City Lingtong Automobile,Austemper Component,NICHIWA.METAL,DIE VACUUM SYSTEM TRADING,Qingdao Banghe ,WuJiang JiangFeng ,LANXI BOYUAN,Qidong Carida Mould,Xingtaiming Machinery,Nanjing Golden,Taizhou Sanjian,Unicomp Technology , TAICANG AJIN BALANCE , Polytec Electrical Hydraulic Control , Linhai City Huajie , YiXing  Huashi,FUZHOU WEALTH,Inoforges Forging processing,SHANG HAI CANYING,Shanghai Changyincast,Wuxi Yoshioka Precision,Ningbo Beilun Xinlin,IDRA ,buhlergroup ,displayed tens of thousands of high-tech exhibits on the scene.


Big Buyer Invitation Plan
    Many professional associations will organize groups to visit. The associations of the industries like automobile, machinery, pump valve, mine, electricity and ship will provide great support for the expo. In addition, professional associations from German, Korea, Japan, India, America and Malaysia will also bring overseas buyer groups.
    In order to ensure the effect of the expo, the main organizers will establish a call center to invite visitors by phone and ensure that buyers are more targeted and professional. Professional overseas visitor-organizing team will invite high quality buyers from Southeast Asia, Europe and Middle East to satisfy the needs of various exhibitors.
    With 500,000 high quality visitor database and industry data of authoritative media, we will send letter of invitation to all target visitors by fax, short message and email.


Scale of Expo
    There will be 60,000 m2 exhibition area, 700 strong exhibitors and 50,000 professional visitors, which will create a direct and effective transaction platform for die casting enterprises


Visitors in the Following Industries will be Invited
Automobile, motorcycle, pump valve, petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, metallurgy device, ship, railway, aviation, aerospace, war industry, pressure container, boiler, mining machinery, sewing machine, combustion engine, electricity, nuclear power, wind power generation, hardware, etc.


 Scope of exhibition
◆  All kinds of aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper alloy die casting.
◆  Die-casting products: Automobile, motorcycle parts, motor vehicle cylinder (body) car wheel, engine motor box side cover and accessories, electrical home appliances and a gas stove, machinery parts, cascade, hardware, handicrafts, lock, all kinds of architectural decoration and bathroom accessories, electronic and computer, 3C product components and other copper, aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloy die casting and other non-ferrous alloy die casting;
◆  Car die casting: Transfer assembly, wheel room, transmissions, gearbox, clutch shell, round pipe, sleeve, the pump body, oil pump shell, the shunt, gear box shell components, gear compartment cover, the lid, the transmission shell, brake grain and pulleys room, radiator, the oil pan and head, cylinder, the intake manifold, cover, suspension control arm, gravity, steering knuckle, inlet took over, the supercharger intake pipe, compressor out the trachea and generator stents, aluminum stents, generator air conditioner compressor supports, gear cover etc.

◆  Die casting machine,Peripheral equipment,Die casting die,Furnace,Die casting machine parts,Raw/Auxiliary materials,Accessories supplies,Die casting software,Low pressure die casting,After processing and surface treatment,Detection & Environmental protection instrument and equipment,Mechanical processing equipment,Industry service。


Charging Standard

Exhibition area

Foreign capital and joint venture

Ordinary booth

Luxury booth

Indoor bare floor

USD 400/m2;36 m2 at least

RMB 1400/ m2; 36 m2 at least

36 m2 at least

RMB 1400/ m2

Standard exhibition booth

12 m2

USD 5,300/booth

18 m2

RMB 27,600/booth

12 m2

RMB 22,400

  15 m2

   USD 6,600/ booth

 24 m2

    RMB 36,800/booth

18 m2

RMB 33,600

  18 m2

   USD 8,000/ booth

 27 m2

    RMB 41,400/booth

24 m2

RMB 44,800


Extra 10% booth fare for the booths with two-side facing outside will be charged. Please visit website or call us for other advertisements. 
Exhibition service expense: RMB 300/person (Including expo service, souvenir, expo magazine and one set of directory of exhibitors)

Adverting items of exhibition 
    Exhibition publication (Size: 210 mm×125 mm) will be printed exquisitely and distributed to visitors during the exhibition. Welcome enterprises to place an advertisement and make other publicity. Charging standard is given below:


Price (RMB)


Price (RMB)

Cover of publication

RMB 30,000

Title page of publication

RMB 14,000

Back cover of publication


Inside back cover of publication

RMB 12,000

Inside front cover of publication


Company profile in the publication

RMB 1,000

Complete color page of publication



RMB 30,000/10,000 bags 

Complete black page of publication


Advertisement on Side B of admission ticket

RMB 5000/10,000 tickets